Purchase a Program Ad!

Purchase a Program Ad!

February 3, 2017 News 0



Hello Parents,

Do you want to recognize your child’s amazing talents, showcase your business, or just send a congratulations? Purchase a program ad!

Program ad costs per show are:
1/4 page: $25
1/2 page: $50
Full Page: $75
Inside back or Front cover: $100

Please submit art ready ads to westshoredrama@gmail.com. Payment for program ads can be made through PayPal link on the website’s home page (please note that your PayPal payment is for a program ad, and what show you’d like the ad placed in) or, if you prefer, you may leave a check in the payment box outside Ms. Fallon’s room (again, be sure to note that your payment is for a program ad and what show you’d like it placed in.)

Sizes of art ready ads should be as follows:
1/4 page: 2″ high x 5″ wide
1/2 page: 4″ high x 5″ wide
Full Page: 8″ high x 5″ wide

Photos do not generally reproduce well for the program, clip art is best.

Please feel free to email westshoredrama@gmail.com if you have any specific questions or if you need more information.

Many thanks!