Cast Photos for “Meet Me in St. Louis” are Now Available!

Cast Photos for “Meet Me in St. Louis” are Now Available!

November 12, 2016 HS/Troupe 6034 Info MS/Troupe 88940 Info News 0

Cast Photos for Meet Me in St. Louis are now ready. The following students have paid for the photos and can pick them up from Ms. Fallon:

Bailly, Sophia
Cosker, Will
Greenleaf, Payton
Krause, Marlee
Mann, Karlyn
Anderson, Mady
Blackwell, Lucas
Blais, Abbie
Bratman, Jenna
Dudley, Adriana
Feliciano, Alyssa
Guerra, Lizzie
Handley, Alicia
Huff, Gage
Kennedy, Ian
Kish, Matt
Lovelock, Annie
Lutz, Christian
Mann, Daly
McMillan, Lauren
Montgomery, Rachel
Moravecky, Gracie
Mozdzen, Natasha
Murphy, Paige
Newcombe, Madison
Norton, Jade
Novak, Grace
O’Bryan, Dylan
Oni, Jemma
Parguian, Martina
Pateraskis, Emmanuel
Rebec, Ethan
Saunderson, Beth
Schwartz, Calvin
Skaggs, Victoria
Smith, Tessa
Sola, Jerry
Spenik, Luke
Stelter, Nic
Sweet, Trinity
Tenbusch, Catherine
Thrush, Devin
Torres, Sabrina
Travis, Jessica
Turner, Cierra
Unger, Tommy
Valenti, Gianni
Vander, Alexis

If you are not on the list but would like to purchase a photo, please email us with your name and the amount of photos you would like. They are $10 each.

Thank you!