District Festival Results–HS Troupe #6034

District Festival Results–HS Troupe #6034

October 23, 2016 News 0


Congratulations to all our IE’S yesterday. All 42 students came home with a medal for the day. Troupe 6034 was represented well in the showcase with 4 Best Of Shows. Look for more information on State in the coming weeks.

Troupe 6034 District Results

Solo Musical
Megan- Superior
Adriana- Good
Jenna- Good
Lucas- Good
Duet Musical
Dylan/Evan- Good
Mady A/Taylor- Excellent
Jenna/Nic- Superior
Ian/Lauren – Superior
Small Group Musical
On My Way– Superior
Lauren, Kayelee, Devin, Catherine, Nic, Lucas, Dylan
Mega Mix– Excellent
Jade, Natasha, Aly, Grace, Kirra, Sabrina, Madi N.
Large Group Musical
Our Favorite Son – Superior
Ian, Jadia, Megan, Allie, Alyssa, Sabrina, Madi, Paige, Gracie, Jade, Devin
I Can Hear The Bells
Catherine, Gianni, Lucas, Will, Ben, Luke, Tessa, Taylor, Lizzie, Mady A, Deja, Annie, Aakilah
Ian- Superior
Annie- Excellent
Deja- Excellent
Moses- Superior
Duet Acting
Moses/Eve- Superior
Jenna/Lizzie- Superior
Ben/Jerry- Excellent
Luke/Tommy- Excellent
Evan/Dylan- Excellent
Ensemble Acting
Annie, Martina, Aakilah, Evan- Excellent
Jerry, Gracie, Paige, Ben- Fair
Catherine, Rachel, Gianni, Lizzie, Moses, Nic, Jerry- Superior
Student Directed Scene
Nic- Good
Mady A- Superior
Costume Design
Madi N.- Superior
Costume Construction
Paige- Excellent
Set Design
Nic- Superior
Publicity Design
Alexis- Excellent
*Best of Show*
Ian- Monologue
Nic- Set Design
Small Group- On My Way