Production Fees for Mary Poppins due 9/19

Production Fees for Mary Poppins due 9/19

September 3, 2015 News 0

Just a quick reminder:  the Cast Fee/T-shirt Fee for Mary Poppins is due; if you haven’t already done so, please fill out the form and submit to the Theatre Arts department by Saturday, September 19. If you choose to do the Theatre Arts Booster Club Annual Membership, it will include the Cast Fee/T-shirt Fee for Mary Poppins as well as the fees for the Middle School/High School musical and District Festival (for more information about the annual membership option click here)

All students who participate in the production must pay the cast fee. This includes members of the cast, crew & pit. Please note that students who do not pay the cast fee will not be able to order tickets until the fee is paid. Monies collected for Cast Fees are used to build the set, make the costumes and rent the musical score. Brevard County does not provide any funds for the Theatre Department, so we are relying on the support of our cast, crew and pit.

For your convenience, the forms for both the Mary Poppins cast fee/t-shirt fee and the Annual Membership can be found below:

All-School Musical Cast and T-shirt Fees 2015

Middle School Annual Membership

High School Annual Membership