District 7 Jr. Thespian Festival

District 7 Jr. Thespian Festival

August 30, 2015 Jr. Thespian District Festival MS/Troupe 88940 Info 0

The West Shore Theatre Arts Booster Club will be hosting the District 7 Jr. Thespian Festival on Saturday, December 12, 2015.  Hosting the Jr. Thespian Festival is our biggest fundraiser of the year–we will need the help of all our parents and students to pull this off!

We are looking for volunteers to help out in the following areas:

Youth Volunteers: The High School kids will be volunteering in the rooms as timekeepers & door attendants. There will also be some kids as runners to bring the score sheets to the judges area. Need parents to just oversee the general areas to make sure that all kids on campus are behaving.

Hospitality: We need to provide breakfast & lunch for the judges. Also to have water and coffee available for them. Breakfast can be coffee & donuts/bagels and lunch can be sandwich rings or something prepared by us.

Gate Admissions: Will need to set up two stations for admission (auditorium & outside near band room). Will also need to check badges for admittance.

Signs: Very important to have good signs so that everyone knows where each event is being held, and can find the rooms easily.

Registration Materials: Need to make badges for all attendants, print programs for all events, and print out score sheets for the judges.

Concession: This area will be our BIGGEST money maker. We are allowed to sell candy, snacks, drinks, pizza, hotdogs, etc. We also discussed having the kids bring in baked goods to sell as well. Will need paper products, purchase items to sell, etc. This will be set up in the patio area.

Traffic Control/Parking: Need volunteers to direct buses to the overflow lot (on the track) and handle the parking lot. This will only be necessary at the beginning of the event, and possibly before awards.

Set-Up: Each performance room needs to have several chairs & a 4×4 card table available for the students. We will also need to have keyboards in any music room, and may need to move desks, etc. to make space is some rooms.

Facilities: We are responsible to remove all the garbage during the event. We are also responsible for the rest rooms (stocking supplies like toilet paper & hand towels).

Break-Down: Need to return the campus to it’s original state after the festival. Moving all tables/desks/chairs back in the classrooms and cleaning up any common areas.


More information about this event will be coming in the next few months; stay tuned!